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The Shareware version of RemoteAccess is contained within a single, complete, PKZip file.  Adding the Shareware Key to the RA system directory will enable your BBS to operate in the Registered Mode. Maximum of 8 languages.

The Professional Version of RemoteAccess consists of two 3½" diskettes.  An Install program extracts the files into commonly used directories. You can then customize your BBS from there. Virtually an unlimited number of languages may be used.

These are a few of the Language Files usable on RA & RA/PRO:

Why did we purchase RemoteAccess™

We purchased the Code and all rights to RemoteAccess Bulletin Board System (BBS) software for several reasons.  The first and foremost was our belief that RemoteAccess was the best software for bulletin board operations and that it should be maintained and upgraded to match (or exceed) your, the BBS sysop, expectation!

Briefly described below are the two types of versions available.  RemoteAccess/Professional (RA/PRO) and RemoteAccess shareware or Evaluation Version (RA).

For The Business Environment

RemoteAccess/Professional has several standard versions to handle your operation from 2 to 250 incoming lines, We can provide you with the system to meet your needs. click here for pricing and upgrade information for RA/PRO.

For The Hobbyist

The Hobbyist, or shareware Version, is available the for the home users. Click on download to get the main archive. This version is authorized for the non-business and non-commercial users only.  RAMGR.EXE is also needed - click here to get that utility. You will need both files.
Shareware RA - price or where to register  click here.

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