How to Create a Language File

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In order to create a "new" language file, you will need to replace all the entries in the prompt list with new ones in the "new" language.

In order to do this, there are several steps that you need to do.  We will present one way to accomplish this.  (There are some short-cuts that if done wrong will cause problems, so they will NOT be mentioned here.)

Step 1.
In DOS, change to the directory where you have your language files.

Step 2.
Pick an existing language file.  We will use ENGLISH.RAL for this example.

Step 3.
Copy that language file to what you will call the new language (For this example, we will call the new language "XXXX") using the command:

Step 4.
In RACONFIG.MANAGER.LANGUAGES, follow the procedure in the manual for adding a new language to the configuration.

Step 5. (This step will be the most involved and time consuming)

You will need to edit each of the nearly 700 prompts by entering the replacement message to be displayed for each of the default prompts that are displayed at the top of the screen.  In doing this, keep your "translation" as generic as possible but still conveying the intended meaning. This can be done over several days, but do not make the new language available until you have entered all the information and had someone check it for errors.

Step 6.
Very important
- exit and save your changes after each session.
There are several prompts that expect a YES, NO, ASK type of response from the BBS user, so be sure to enter in the correct letter. (For example, in Spanish the first letter of the word that means "yes" is "s".

When you have finished, have someone else (a second pair of eyes are always helpful in locating typo's or spelling errors) review the XXXX.RAL file for errors.
If you have created a language file and would like to share with other RA sysops, attach it to a message and send it to

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