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STRUCY2K.ZIP    Revised Structures archive.  This contains the information for the Year 2000 Compliant version in addition to further enhancements to the program. The structures file is now available - the previous errors were due to Unix naming - i.e. did not exactly upper/

RA_FAQ.ZIP        In setting up any new software, there are always questions.  Here is a file that contains most of the common questions along with the all important answers.

RA_252SW.ZIP    The Shareware, or non-commercial, version of RemoteAccess.  This archive contains most all of what you need to get an operational BBS up and running. The only other files you will need will be a "fossil driver" such as "X00" or "BNU" -and- PKUNZIP version 2.04g or higher.  The shareware versions are available below.  We presume here that you already have a computer system, modem and phone line.

X00153A.ZIP        The fossil driver gives a universal interface between the computer hardware and the BBS program.  Version 1.53a is the most current, valid version of X00 as of the last web page update.  A help file is also available.

PKZ204G.EXE      For those who do not already have a means to unarchive (or extract) the files available from this site, here is the shareware version of PKUNZIP, PKZIP and PKZIPFIX as obtained from PKWare.

RA_DOC.ZIP        This is a copy of the same manual file included with and for the shareware version of RemoteAccess for anyone who wishes to review the manual prior to downloading the software.  The file itself, is a straight ASCII text (with form-feeds) and may be printed using the "type RA_DOC.TXT>PRN" command from dos -or- your favorite word processor.

STRUCT25.ZIP    For you programmers out there interested in writing compatible utilities for RemoteAccess version 2.5x, here is the TurboPascal Structures File.

BETA-AP.TXT        If you have the time and are willing to act as a test and evaluation site for RemoteAccess, being a beta tester may be for you.  Keep in mind that this is not for the feint of heart as the software to be tested is not bug free and could likely cause system lockups, crashes or corruption of data.

SECURE.ENV        An assurance for anyone wondering about the validity and safety of ANY files generated by RemoteAccess Central.

Additional Files        Follow this path for additional files available that we believe are helpful for the sysop.  (This link is temporarily unavailable.)

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