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(not yet available)

Registered after January 1st, 1998

There will be no additional charge for those who paid for and registered a NEW key from a currently authorized registration site between January 1, 1998 and the release of the version of RemoteAccess that requires the upgraded
RA.KEY file.  NOTE: the original RA.KEY file will need to be attached to the message with the requested information and submitted to the specified e-mail address. 
If the original payment was refused for any version of RemoteAccess, "contested" or not honored for any reason, the free upgrade will be disallowed and a certified wire transfer will be required, additional charges will be assessed to recover "charge back" expenses.

Since there is no additional charge for the upgrade and to avoid undue workload on the registration sites, the "no charge" upgrade is only available through RemoteAccess Central.

Registered before January 1st, 1998

For those who registered prior to January 1, 1998,  and present a valid
RA.KEY file (from any registration site) - $20.00 USD. 
Note, if there is any change of information (like BBS name), there would be an additional $10.00 USD charge.

For those who registered elsewhere and can specify when and were (or who) they registered with along with a Photostat of the receipt, cancelled check or credit card receipt, but cannot provide their old RA.KEY file - $35.00 USD

If none of the above can be provided, it is handled as a "New Registration" (see above).


To register RemoteAccess© Shareware with RemoteAccess Central  - $50.00 USD


A replacement key would be needed if the original is lost or BBS name has been changed. A REPLACEMENT key is available at $10.00 USD only if any one of the following applies:

a)  User registered with a current registration site;

b)  A valid RA.KEY file is submitted that matches the information provided;

c)  A Photostat of the receipt, cancelled check or credit card statement showing who, amount and when paid is provided for the "proof of purchase" of the original registration. The Registration Site must, of course, have been authorized at the time.

Otherwise, a replacement key is considered a "NEW REGISTRATION" (see above for pricing).

by areas of coverage
as of 06:00, December 31, 1998

1. - World Wide
      RemoteAccess Central
      Accepts Wire Transfers & Checks.
      Contact:  Bruce F. Morse

2. - U.S.A., Canada & World Wide
      BMT Micro
      Accepts Credit Cards & Checks.
      Contact:  BMT Micro

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