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FrontDoor - Front End Mailer

FrontDoor is a Front End Mailer suitable for answering incoming calls either from another Computer also using a front end mailer or a user attempting to log onto your BBS

PKWare's PKZip version 2.04g is used here for distribution

FMail - Mail Tosser

For those systems that want to have "echo mail" available in their BBS - FMail one of many different types of mail tossers.  In FidoNet, a message area that is shared between several different BBS' is called an "echo," "message echo" or simply an "echo" because that message area is echoed to all those systems.


For systems that wish to provide "telnet" connect for their users.

Allfix - File and "tic" processor

For those systems who wish to receive various files as distributed from other systems or perhaps over the Fido Network (FidoNet), Allfix is a program we have used with much success.

beta Team
If interested in being on the beta team, please fill download and fill out this form
and either netmail it to 1:324/122 @fidonet or e-mail it to me all filled out at

Do you have a program that has become widely accepted by or is in the process of being widely accepted by sysops running RemoteAccess and have a web site?  If you do and would like to discuss with us the possibility of a hyperlink to your system, leave a message to

An unchecked, but composite listing of 200 Shareware Links is available by clicking here.

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