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Shareware Registrations

USA & Canada

BMT Micro
Order phone:
  1-800-414-4268 (voice)
  1-800-346-1672 (fax)

They accept: VISA, Mastercard, Eurocard, Novus, Discover, AMEX, Diner's Club, Carte Blanche, Eurocheques, any foreign currency, checks, money orders, etc.


Support is readily available from the author, Dealers, Registration Sites and via the RA support echoes in FidoNet.

Other Parts of the Globe

BMT Micro
Order phone:
910-792-9100 (voice)
910-350-2937 (fax)
They also maintain an account with Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt for their German/European customers:  DM, Euros via Ueberweisung welcome.
Empfaenger: Thomas Bradford/BMT
Konto-Nummer: 0860221
Banklietzahl: 500 700 10

For lost RA.KEY files and upgrading keys Click here.


Primary e-mail address -
Alternate e-mail  -
FidoNet netmail  -  Bruce Morse  1:324/122
- (978) 521-1223 -Then leave message to "sysop"


Commercial Versions

A file of Frequently Asked Questions (originally written by Eric Staufer) is available for download and will answer much of your questions related to setting up your RemoteAccess BBS.

For pricing info - click here.

Contact BMT Micro by VOICE see above for contact information.

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