Ordering RA/PRO™

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RA/PRO™ Custom

How to Purchase

  Wire Transfers are available for those Government Agencies and Companies wishing to procure the Professional Version of RA/PRO™ or individuals the shareware version of RA™  from an area not covered by existing distributor, registration site or dealer.
  Please be sure to provide the version you desire, BBS Name and sysop (your) Name, "ship to" address, VOICE telephone number, desired node count and if you are upgrading from shareware.
  If you are upgrading, you must provide a valid, registered serial number (for RA/PRO) or RA.KEY file if upgrading from the shareware version.
  E-mail to pro_sales@rapro.com
or snail mail to: RemoteAccess Central, Attn: Bruce Morse, 360 Kingsbury Ave, Haverhill, MA  01835-8373.
  If upgrading from shareware (S/W Upgrade) by snail mail, be sure to enclose a diskette with a copy of your RA.KEY file for validation.  Upgrades from shareware without a valid key or serial number will be billed as "new" registrations prior to shipment.
  Upon notification of receipt of funds, the appropriate material will be sent.

  For those companies and individuals needing incoming lines different than the standard available, we at RemoteAccess Central offer a custom configuration from two lines to 250 lines.  These line counts are in addition to the single "local" line and for new registrations only. Contact: custom@rapro.com.

Pricing - RA/PRO

Maximum Nodes                Registrations
    (data-in)                (US Dollars)
                            New      S/W Upgrade

    2            $149.00          $99.00
    5            $199.00        $149.00
  10            $269.00        $219.00
250            $529.00        $479.00

Node Count Upgrade Fee

  2 Nodes to    5 Nodes    $50.00
  2 Nodes to  10 Nodes  $120.00
10 Nodes to 250 Nodes  $269.00
  2 Nodes to 250 Nodes  $380.00

RA/PRO Version Upgrade (US$)

From any previous version to 2.52 without a node change is $75.00

With a node count change - $30.00 plus node count upgrade fee.

Shipping & Handling not included - consult your local carrier for shipping costs to your area from Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA.

All duties and taxes are to be paid by the customer.

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