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*    Additional incoming lines (NEW for shareware version 2.60 - y2k upgrade - new key required)
+    Easy to use installation program sets up the entire system for you!
*    Completely configurable, provides total control over system layout and appearance.
+    Supports multiple lines using almost any network (Novell, LANtastic,  LAN Manager, 3-Com,
      Banyan Vines), or a multitasker such as DESQview, Windows 3.x, Windows 95,  or OS/2.
*    Fully multilingual, for true international use - 8 languages
+    Virtually no limit of languages. (1)
*    Extensive security system, featuring over 65,000 access levels to protect your data. (1)
+    Inter-caller conferencing/chat system.
*    Files and messages are catalogued using a fast indexed database system.
*    Supports all popular file transfer protocols including XModem, YModem and ZModem.
*    Compatible with hundreds of optional add-on modules, including games, offline mail doors
      and databases.
*    File system supports single and multi-disk CD-ROM players.
*    Up to 4.2 billion files available for download. (1)
*    Built in support for viewing many file types including ZIP, ARC, ARJ, ZOO, LZH and GIF.
      There is a built-in interface for external archive viewers.
*    Questionnaire system, for conducting surveys and opinion polls.
+    Includes a full-screen message editor, for simple message entry in a word-processing-
      type environment.
*    Ability to connect to worldwide networks such as FidoNet
+    and the Internet.
*    Support for many modems, with the ability to receive incoming FAX calls.
+    Automated user subscription and cost accounting system.
*    Interfaces with virus scanning products for maximum system security.

1.    Some options may require additional software.

*    These features are for all versions (shareware and RA/PRO).
+    These features are available in the RA/PRO version only.
(1)  To take maximum use of these options, additional hard drive space,
        system RAM memory or the networking of several computers may be required


IBM PC or compatible with 512k RAM, MS/PC-DOS 3.1 or higher. Hard disk with 2 megabytes free space. Serial I/O communications port and Hayes-compatible modem required for remote use.

RemoteAccess & RA/PRO are copyright by Bruce F. Morse; MS-DOS is copyright by Microsoft, All others by their respective copyright holders

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%Bruce F. Morse, author
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Haverhill, MA  01835-8373

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