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Provide you a means to connect

Join the exciting world of computer communications with RemoteAccess, the
premier Bulletin Board System for the IBM PC and compatibles.

Install RemoteAccess and go "on-line" with thousands of others who have already
discovered the power of becoming a part of one of the most rapidly expanding
areas in the global computing community.

  • Provide customer service hotlines.
  • Send important information quickly and safely between a number of remote locations, faster and less expensively than a FAX.
  • Set up public or private information services.
  • Provide electronic mail services to remote callers.
  • Allow callers to place orders for products and services.

RemoteAccess can do all of this and more, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with
little or no human intervention!

Year 2000 Compliant Version Released - October 25th, 2000

The final version of 2.62.2 is now available as RA_262SW.ZIP - Click here to download. This is the TWO-NODE shareware version.  RAMSG is not included and being currently being re-written.
Upgrade cost
- Shareware: No charge to registrations or upgrades since January 1, 1998.
- RA/Pro:
          No charge for "same node count" upgrades licensed since January 1, 1998.
          Regular upgrade fees for those licensed before January 1, 1998. (click here to go to page)
(References to version 2.5x should read "to current version" which is 2.62.2 at this time)

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-=- REMINDER -=-

If you have an e-mail provider (such as AOL.COM) that, by default, filters out any "spam" - make sure you EDIT your account allow me to respond to your query!  As there have been several requests that have been  rejected by AOL as not permitting replies from this user (meaning me)!

For an example of the current beta software 24 hours a day
Check out our BBS at
Author's primary e-mail address        (978) 521-1223        Author's secondary e-mail address

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